• Band News!
    Beste fans,
    De afgelopen periode heeft voor mij in het teken gestaan van een zo goed en zo snel mogelijke revalidatie na een onfortuinlijke schouderbreuk. Inmiddels ben ik gelukkig vrijwel geheel hersteld. Toch keer ik niet terug bij de Julian Sas band. Verschil van inzicht over de toekomst heeft mij doen besluiten dat voor mij de tijd aangebroken is om de band te verlaten.Het was geen makkelijke beslissing, maar gevoelsmatig wel de juiste!
    Ik wil zowel jullie als de Julian Sas band graag bedanken voor alle mooie jaren, de prachtige herinneringen en een geweldige tijd.
    Alle goeds voor de toekomst en wellicht tot ziens,
    Groet Rob
    Na het bekend worden van Rob zijn besluit hebben wij als band gevraagd aan Lars van Elzakker, de drummer die Rob de afgelopen maanden heeft vervangen om zijn drumkruk over te nemen en daar heeft hij ja op gezegd. Hij is nu dus de nieuwe drummer van de Julian Sas Band
    Dear Fans,
    The last few months were dominated by a revalidation so good and fast as possible after an unfortunate shoulder fracture. I am fortunately almost recovered now. But nevertheless I will NOT come back and play in The Julian Sas Band.
    There is a difference of opinion about the future, which made me decide to leave the band.
    The decision wasn’t easy, but for me feels as the right one!
    I want to thank you all, also the Julian Sas Band voor all the beautiful years, great memories and a wonderful time.
    I wish you well and maybe goodbye,
    Greetings Rob
    After we heard Rob’s decision, we as a band asked Lars van Elzakker, the drummer who replaced Rob for the last months, to take the drum seat and he said yes. He is the the new drummer in the The Julian Sas band.
  • New Studio Release

    A very good day everybody. Here it is the new album of the band: “STAND YOUR GROUND”. It will be released on April the 6th on LP and CD. The Presentation of the Album will be at “Doornroosje” in Nijmegen also on the 6th of April.

  • Titel New Studio Album

    The title of the new album is going to be:


    It will be released in 2019 more info soon…
  • New Studio Album

    Hello everybody, after a year full of gigs and touring we had lot’s of inspiration and the time is right to make a new album again! We will be working in the studio at the end of November and dec. We are looking forward to record and play the best music for you all out there….the sessions are done, we are energized and it is time to put it in the can……..so they speak. The album will be released next year and the title will follow soon……keep you posted. Julian

  • Second Box-set
    Release date 16 March 2018…the long-awaited second box-set of The Julian Sas Band.
    All music from 2000 until 2005 brought to you in this 7cd box-set. Two double live cd’s, A solo live cd and two studio albums on cd.
    Available in all good record stores and online. 
    We are very proud of this boxset, proud of the music and proud of the history, the road seems to go on forever……as always hope you enjoy the music. Thanx, the band…..
  • Award

    photo: Niek Hidding

    We say THANK YOU again……briljant! we are truly honored again!. We did won the nomination of best blues musician 2017.
    But for me it is not a personal price, it is a BAND price, because for me, it is quite simple, I cannot and will not do it alone! so it is a celebration for my brothers to…..anyway thanx to the legendary Bluesmagazine.nl and to all voters, music lovers and blues rock fanatics……we love you all. Also congrats to all other winners….We all keep this music alive THAT IS WHAT COUNTS in my opinion……..check the list and enjoy the music……the music will never die! not as long as I am alive………cheers Julian

    Read the article here

  • New year

    Good day to everybody out there! 2017 was a wonderful year for the SAS band. Many things did happen and we feel that we are moving into a bright future. For all of this we would like to thank everybody who came to the gigs and support us with every musical journey we believe in…a BIG THANK YOU….for you all.

    But for now it is time to count our blessings and get re-energized for next year!  
    We would like to wish everybody great and good holidays and a very wonderful 2018!!
    Hope to see you soon out there some where on the road,
    The Band.
  • Norway

    Great news for all our fans from Norway, the band will play the ORLAND BLUESFESTIVAL on the 23th of september…….Looking forward meeting you all again……..hitting the note, hitting the road………see ya soon

  • Small tour

    The Sas band is hitting the road at the end of august for a small tour, one gig in Belgium, the bands only gig so far this year and three more in Germany…so check out the tour dates and get in the groove…….they are Feelin Alive!!!! We hope you are to…….see ya soon

  • New Album: FEELIN’ ALIVE

    Available from March 10, 2017

    Julian Sas made name and fame with a series of strong, critically acclaimed albums but especially as an excellent live performer.

    Feelin’ Alive is a live CD that features a renewed band in top form. Without doubt the best Julian Sas band so far and consequently Feelin’ Alive is his best live record so far.