• Great news for all our fans from Norway, the band will play the ORLAND BLUESFESTIVAL on the 23th of september…….Looking forward meeting you all again……..hitting the note, hitting the road………see ya soon

  • The Sas band is hitting the road at the end of august for a small tour, one gig in Belgium, the bands only gig so far this year and three more in Germany…so check out the tour dates and get in the groove…….they are Feelin Alive!!!! We hope you are to…….see ya soon

  • New Album: FEELIN’ ALIVE

    Available from March 10, 2017

    Julian Sas made name and fame with a series of strong, critically acclaimed albums but especially as an excellent live performer.

    Feelin’ Alive is a live CD that features a renewed band in top form. Without doubt the best Julian Sas band so far and consequently Feelin’ Alive is his best live record so far.