• Rehearsals, playing and shaping

    Hello everybody,

    We have been in pre-production the last few weeks. Rehearsals, playing and shaping the songs in the right form.The decision and schedule have been made. The band is going into the studio in July for the recordings of a brand new album….we are excited and feeling alright …..now is the time and place…more info soon……..cheers Julian

    Goede avond allemaal,

    We zijn de laatste weken veel aan het repeteren en componeren geweest om de nummers in de juiste vorm te gieten. De beslissing en het schema zijn gemaakt. We gaan in juli de studio in om een nieuwe plaat op te nemen, we zijn er blij en enthousiast over……nu is de tijd en plaats…meer info binnenkort….Groet Julian

  • New bassman
    Dear Friends and Fans,
    After this difficult period in the band’s history, we came together a couple of weeks ago and we all felt that it was ready to move on. So we started playing, just the three of us, and we all felt the love for music and how much we missed playing as a band. So we started talking about a new bassman and more important who fitted as a person and who was up for the job. One name came up in every discussion we had. Funny thing is that we found out later  that he also had the idea of asking to join the band. So it was one phone call and a long rehearsal and we knew that there was magic and love for music again. It felt good.
    So we would like to welcome our new bassman and his name is:
    Lieve Vrienden en Fans,
    Na deze moeilijke periode  in de geschiedenis van de band, zijn we een paar weken geleden bij elkaar gekomen omdat we allemaal voelden dat we verder wilden. We begonnen weer samen te spelen en voelden weer de liefde voor muziek en het gemis om als band te spelen. Het gesprek ging ook over een nieuwe bassist zoeken en belangrijker wie qua persoon en muzikaliteit in de band zou passen. Iedere keer kwam dezelfde naam naar voren in iedere discussie die we voerden. Grappig detail is, dat we er later achter kwamen dat, hij ook rondliep met het idee, om te vragen bij ons te komen spelen. Maar goed na een telefoontje en een lange repetitie wisten we allemaal dat de liefde voor muziek en de magie er weer was. Het voelt goed.
    Dus bij deze verwelkomen wij onze nieuwe bassist en zijn naam is: 

  • Fotis
    Fotis Anagnostou 5 february 1971 — 10 januari 2021


  • Fotis


    Dear fans and friends,With a heavy heart we have to tell you very sad news! Our dear friend,brother and bass player Fotis  was diagnosed with pancreas cancer 8 days ago! He is very sick and we watched over him during the last days In hospital. Our goal was to get him back to his beloved family in Greece. He flew back to Athens on the second Christmas day…!We are all devastated and broken.We decided together with Fotis that we would tell you this sad news when he would be back home in Greece. He is in  hospital now surrounded by his family.
    We will keep you informed.

    Lieve fans en vrienden,Met pijn in ons hart vertellen we jullie dit verdrietige nieuws. Onze lieve vriend,broeder en bassist Fotis is 8 dagen geleden gediagnosticeerd met alvleesklier kanker! Hij is heel erg ziek en we hebben de afgelopen tijd dat hij in het ziekenhuis verbleef voor hem gezorgd. Ons gezamenlijke doel was om hem zo snel en zo sterk mogelijk naar zijn familie in Griekenland te krijgen. Op tweede kerstdag Is Fotis terug gevlogen naar Athene. We zijn er allemaal gebroken en kapot van. We hebben in overleg met Fotis besloten om dit nieuws pas met jullie te delen, als hij thuis was in Griekenland. Hij is nu daar in het ziekenhuis omringd door familie.
    We houden jullie op de hoogte.


    Good day all, 

    With sadness in our hearts, we have to cancel all dates and tours for 2020!

    All dates and tours are already, or will be rescheduled for 2021.

    All tickets remain valid!

    Have faith, stay safe, the road goes on forever, we will meet again!

    Keep you posted, Julian

  • Out Now!! Stand Your Ground

    Out now on CD and Vinyl,Stand Your Ground

    Listen below on your favorite streaming service:

    Howlin’ Wind

    A very good day everybody. Here it is the clip of our new song Howlin’ Wind,  

    from our new  forthcoming album “STAND YOUR GROUND”. It will be released on April the 6th on LP and CD. The Presentation of the Album will be at “Doornroosje” in Nijmegen also on the 6th of April.

  • Titel New Studio Album

    The title of the new album is going to be:


    It will be released in 2019 more info soon…
  • New Studio Album

    Hello everybody, after a year full of gigs and touring we had lot’s of inspiration and the time is right to make a new album again! We will be working in the studio at the end of November and dec. We are looking forward to record and play the best music for you all out there….the sessions are done, we are energized and it is time to put it in the can……..so they speak. The album will be released next year and the title will follow soon……keep you posted. Julian

  • Second Box-set
    Release date 16 March 2018…the long-awaited second box-set of The Julian Sas Band.
    All music from 2000 until 2005 brought to you in this 7cd box-set. Two double live cd’s, A solo live cd and two studio albums on cd.
    Available in all good record stores and online. 
    We are very proud of this boxset, proud of the music and proud of the history, the road seems to go on forever……as always hope you enjoy the music. Thanx, the band…..
  • Award

    photo: Niek Hidding

    We say THANK YOU again……briljant! we are truly honored again!. We did won the nomination of best blues musician 2017.
    But for me it is not a personal price, it is a BAND price, because for me, it is quite simple, I cannot and will not do it alone! so it is a celebration for my brothers to…..anyway thanx to the legendary Bluesmagazine.nl and to all voters, music lovers and blues rock fanatics……we love you all. Also congrats to all other winners….We all keep this music alive THAT IS WHAT COUNTS in my opinion……..check the list and enjoy the music……the music will never die! not as long as I am alive………cheers Julian

    Read the article here